Grey ribbon modern birthday card

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The birthday of someone close to you is getting closer and you are still wondering what to give them?

Don’t worry, there’s no need to look further.

This simple, yet elegant and stylish birthday card ticks all the boxes for a birthday card.

It’s interesting, different and elegant.

Not only does the wood make the card completely unique and special, it also adds a great deal of texture to it!

Can you just imagine the level of surprise and happiness of her the moment she sees you holding it in your hands?

Instead of getting just a regular gift or maybe some ordinary card like every other birthday, this year she gets to have an extraordinary, unique and completely different card as a gift.

With perfectly practical, yet big enough size to show all the details of the card while also displaying the uniqueness of the wood and it’s textures themself, it’s great to put it on display on a shelf, cabinet or anywhere else and to see it everyday.

We always use wood of the biggest possible quality that meets our standards and that has good enough strength, colour and markings.

NOTE: Wood is natural product and as such, you can’t expect the colour and markings to be the same as those you see in the picture. However, you can be sure that we are giving our best to choose only the highest quality woods.

The fact that these cards are wooden means that they are sturdy enough to withstand the effect of time.

Just imagine the fact that it can be found again after 5, 10 ,50 years in the back of the closet and it can be opened.

The memories it will bring back will be priceless!

8 reviews for Grey ribbon modern birthday card

  1. Brian Baker

    It was a very pertinent message in these Covid-19 times. It’s no fun being unable to hug my grandchildren.

  2. Adam Bailey

    Tons of choice for all occasions. Nice quality cards.

  3. Anthony Ashcroft

    As I don’t want to go out to the shops due to Covid-19 Mr.Gifts has been my saviour and it’s meant.

  4. Cris B

    Beautiful card, great quality & arrived on time. Recipient very pleased.

  5. Anne Pink

    Its a lovely card and I was able to write my own greeting to this special little girl.

  6. Alexandra D

    It was delivered on time.
    So easy to send with a special message,to a special friend.
    Thank you Mr.Gifts

  7. S.Miller

    Again a lovely detailed good quality stock card and great value for money

  8. Ivan Rodney

    A lovely card for a girl of any age. My aunt loved it

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